Southern Border Crisis *** UPDATE*** 02/01/2023

This is a new wrinkle in this invasion. Ho the fk is this allowed?

There are getting more sophisticated with their methods in how they are sneaking into the country.

Kamala Harris is visiting Texas for a Fundraiser but will not visit the border!

To march on DC, you have to be creative. Best way to do that is include only illegal aliens in that march. Ship EVERY wetback to DC and let them line the streets of that mall, all with their hands out and begging in Spanish.

I am sure you are being facetious when you say march with illegal aliens.

Truthfully, I haven’t marched since high school band. And I’ll enter the bustling city of Washington DC only at gunpoint. (Same for NYC.) But I think the idea of a horde of illegal aliens marching in those streets demanding welfare and respect and being filmed and reported by FoxNews is just too delicious an idea to pass up.

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Ahh the good old marching band. Something I regretted not joining as a drummer back in the day. Truly an art form unto itself.

I would never enter any big city unless I am packing some heat. The good news, laws are changing on CC especially in places like NY and CA, and will continue to challenge them until a National CC is put into place once and for good. As the saying goes a dead communist is a good communist. Here is to Newscum.

I agree and like this idea. A good set-up too!

This is happening because Americans are allowing it to happen.

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Pretty gruesome photos.

Gunmen from one of Mexico’s most violent cartels left four severed human heads next to a posterboard, claiming the act was a response to a similar incident carried out by their rivals. The gruesome display sat yards from the Texas border.

In recent days, gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas left an ice chest with four severed heads and a posterboard in Miguel Aleman, south of the border and Roma, Texas. The case comes a week after the Gulf Cartel left a dismembered body in the same city.

According to police reports, a Mexican military patrol found the chest on the side of a road. Three of the heads appeared to be male victims between ages 20 and 30, while the fourth appeared to be older. A Tamaulipas law enforcement source revealed to Breitbart Texas that male genitals were found inside the mouth of one of the victims.

Graphic Warning

In the message, the CDN taunted the Gulf Cartel by claiming some of their allies were turncoats and they should expect more violence. The gunmen also warned they had their sights set on Reynosa to take new turf.

Over the weekend, the military clashed with cartel gunmen — killing one. The recent violence in Miguel Aleman is tied to a push by the CDN-Los Zetas to take over drug and human smuggling corridors controlled by the Gulf Cartel.

Biden threatened El Paso mayor not to declare emergency

Oscar Leeser is spewing WH talking points. Nothing he said was truthful.

BTW – Immigrants aren’t being ‘exploited.’

American taxpayers are.

Taxpayers in liberal suck hole States are dumb as hell to keep these morons in office . My blood boils when I see veterans homeless and these motherfuckers in blush $400 a night hotel rooms for fucking months !!!

At US tax payers expense no doubt. There is more on the way too. Guess who is behind all of this?