So If E-Mail Leaks Cost Hillary Clinton Her Election

Did the hack on the NRCC cost Republics Midterms… and what does it say about the gloating republicans who admonished the Democrats about their cyber security?

I wonder if the RNC will hire Imran Awan to oversee their servers too… :roll_eyes:


What’s also weird is that in April 2016, 2 months before the June report that alleged a Russian conspiracy, former President Barack Obama appointed Steven Chabinsky, the general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, to the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Chabinsky was also formerly Chief of Cyber Intelligence for the FBI. Why would the Republicans hire an Obama insider who already botched his last job with the DNC?


They got hacked because they wanted to be hacked. The back door was left open intentionally.

Can you expand on this…because entire thing sounds fishy to me. But again I’m somewhat illiterate when it comes to this stuff.

What better way to mislead the Democrats into thinking they’ve struck political gold than to hire the firm run by a Clinton-connected crony that supposedly inspected the DNC servers for evidence of “Russian” tampering?

Speaking of Crowdstrike – what ever happened to the DNC server that was allegedly hacked by Russia? And why wasn’t it given to the FBI?

Then-FBI Director James Comeysaid last year that the DNC had denied the bureau’s requests to examine the breached servers.

Comey said at the time that the FBI and DNC agreed to let a private firm access the servers and share the findings with investigators.

Be aware that libs have tried to use the story that there was no physical server… that it was a virtual server in the cloud. I am not well versed on this but after probing for awhile, decided that that story was obfuscation. It did not add up.