Shooting at Colorado LGBTQ club kills 5, injures 18

Itis not clear who the shooter is,but murder is totally not good.

It’s quite clear the shooter is the grandson of a Magat politician, and these nasty pigs don’t fall far from the nasty pig family tree. Disgusting. Hope this murderer gets the death penalty.

Is @Roamingwyoming ok? Can some one check on him I’m worried


Someone needs to wash your mouth out with soap

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The shooter? Some drag queen beat him up.

Oh well, looks like your stupidity gets to be on display yet once again!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well, I for one am disgusted that MSNBC,CNN,NPR ad nauseum joined the Club for Perversion story with the Walmart Shooter report, saying it “comes just after the Q-Club slaying” as if the two are connected.