SF Bans Reusable Shopping Bags, Brings Back Plastic Bags

LOL. And Starbucks won’t let you bring in your own mug anymore.


Look how fast all of this climate bullshit went out the window. Also, where is Greta?

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I prefer the reusable bags to plastic. Unlike those godawful paper straws they’re replacing plastic straws with, the reusable bags are actually more utilitarian vs the old plastic bags. You can fit more things inside them, and they’re sturdier. They’re not going to break and spill groceries all over the ground. And let’s not forget plastic bags were themselves a shitty downgrade from paper bags.

Greta is preoccupied; trying to figure this out: Too many polar bears. In the 1960s, the world was down to its last 5,000 polar bears. Russia and the United States – along with other nations – agreed to stop hunting them except for subsistence by Eskimos and the like. Now we are up to our eyeballs in polar bears. Contrary to the alarmism by the global warming crowd, we have 28,500 polar bears.

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True, but what’s funny is watching these Harris-Teeter snobs bemoan having to sacrifice Mother Earth in order to “save lives.”

Not to worry; once we are erased from the planet, the Earth will clean itself up toot sweet. Just a few million years in geologic time.

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Yeah; the biggest problem most people have with green shitlibs, in most cases, is not what they’re advocating, but how they’re advocating for it.

It’s too easy to carry germs into the grocery store on reusable bags. No telling where they have been since being purchased.

Careful with meat as they are great for contamination. Little blood in the bag goes a long way.