SCOTUS: Rhode Island Mail-in Voters Don’t Need Witnesses

SO now the Supreme court has ratified unrestrictive mail in votes. The system is being rigged!

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Roadmap to stealing an election .

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As a matter of principle, this is absurd.

As a matter of practicality, however, it probably will not make any difference–unless, of course, it becomes a template for other states.

After all, Rhode Island (like contiguous Connecticut–and Massachusetts) is a deep blue state.

Sounds like they’re afraid they won’t get their corrupted mail-in ballots so they’re now after corrupting the absentee ballots. Just like clockwork. Leftists certainly are a one-note lot.

Wow folks…it’s almost like the Constitution leaves how to conduct elections up to the states!

The rule was there for a specific reason: to prevent voter fraud. The rule should have remained in place, not been suspended for this election. That was the issue and SCOTUS dicked it all up as usual.