Schiff floats subpoena for Putin meeting translator, as Dem majority ramps up Trump probes

Some serious Trump hating going on here folks. My bet is that there is zero chance Trump will give his notes up, nor should he.

DEMs have a serious case of TDS.

This is all just grasping at straws. They are going to do whatever they can to jam an impeachment through.

They will probably get the meeting notes because they are a part of the official record of the meeting. What I think Trump should do is begin requesting all the records of all private meetings that the Democrats have. After all, those meetings are paid for by tax dollars and the executive has a right to know how those dollars are being spent.

I believe they will get their impeachment. I also think they believe the impeachment will prevent Trump from running in 2020. I’m betting Trump would wear that impeachment as a badge of honor and that he would become the only President in history to win reelection following his impeachment.

I also don’t picture him cooperating with any impeachment proceedings whatsoever. It will make for some really dramatic television. Trump is probably hoping for an impeachment at this point. The Dems will look so bad.

If Adam Schiff took phone calls from Russians (and then continued talking to them) with the intention of undermining POTUS, isn’t that, quite literally, colluding with Russia to subvert our democracy?

Everyone seems to forget about this.


We are actually lucky that the democrats are so filled with hate that they are going to be acting in a totally irrational way. Adam Schiff thinks he is such a brilliant man that he can head up an investigation that will take President Trump down for good. He doesn’t have the wisdom to know that when he opens that door, he will also expose himself. Go ahead idiot.