Says to register for an account...but I'm already logged in?

Apologies if this is my own undoing, but it says that I should register for an account even though I’m logged in…does anyone else have this issue going on?

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I see it, but yet I’m able reply and say hi Flame. :sunglasses:

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Yeah I think that is for all of the lurkers who have been here for a while reading the threads and not creating an account.

It’s not an uncommon message on a discussion form.

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I can, too, but I was wondering if this was maybe some sort of glitch…

No. Just a little call to action message. If you are already logged in you obviously don’t need an account because you already have one. I do encourage everyone to perform a search before they create a thread. That helps us keep things orderly.


Yeppers. I saw it too…

Since I can post, reply etc. I just ignored it. Figured it is something meant for non-members?

BTW, the board seems to have some new posters. I am really enjoying their input so far!


Thanks for showcasing the search bar on the homepage. I try to create threads in the morning before I head to work and having the search bar right up front well let me do that a little bit faster.


I’ll be rolling out some more features over the next few days.

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just kidding :rofl:

I’ve noticed you making new threads. May I just say that many of them are interesting, you provide a synopsis which makes them interesting and worth delving deeper, read and engage?

Good job, blacked. :+1:

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I can’t figure how to log out - or is it unnecessary? Anybody please??

It isn’t really necessary unless you are at a shared computer. Anyway, just click your avatar on the upper right, go to the bottom of the pop-out menu, and hit log out. Hope that you remembered your password :sunglasses:

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I appreciate that, and thank you. For some weird reason I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to logging out. ‘There’s nowt s’queer as folk’ as they say?

He gives me an ereection in the morning Lol

I don’t want to nitpick such a great website - I’m very grateful to you and your dedication, Patriot - but I don’t think that this thing is an improvement. It uses up a big chunk of the screen space at the top and it uses up too many of my diminishing brain cells looking at something that implies I’m not logged in.

Is it the language you are having an issue with? Or, is it the placement of the search bar?

It’s simply a call to action for the few thousand lurkers we get per day.

I honestly didn’t think it would confuse anyone. If you already have an account, and are already logged in, why would you think that you would need to create an account or log in? I’m happy to be wrong about that, I would just like some more detailed feedback.

I also ensured that current web design best practices were followed and adhered to across all browsers and device types. I’m really interested in collecting feedback that runs counter to current design practices.

Maybe I’m an outlier, but I often hit the red bull’s head to go back to the beginning after I go down a hole in a thread. So, I see it often, not just when I log in. If you’re trying to discourage that, it’s working.

Sorry, I’m not following you at all. Once in a thread, the search banner should not be visible. The only time the search bar should be visible is when you are at the homepage.

None of the navigation changed.

I just created an option to remove the search bar and go back to the homepage without it. Simply go to your profile, select interface, then select Dark - No Search Bar. I will make a light theme that removes the search bar later today.

:ok_hand: Thanks, that fixes it

I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this forum - and my borderline dyslexia doesn’t help!