Saudi Arabia Burning

This could be a catalyst for the breakout of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Loss of some five million barrels a day, roughly 5% of the world’s daily production of crude is going to shoot oil prices up, and this is pretty significant in the broader narrative as Geo political tensions are set be ramped up due to this latest development!

Coordinated drone strikes on the heart of the Saudi oil industry forced the kingdom to shut down half its crude production on Saturday, people familiar with the matter said, potentially roiling petroleum prices and demonstrating the power of Iran’s proxies.

Yemen’s Iranian-aligned Houthi rebels claimed credit for the attack, saying they sent 10 drones to strike at important facilities in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province. The production shutdown amounts to a loss of about five million barrels a day, the people said, roughly 5% of the world’s daily production of crude oil.

Officials said they hoped to restore production to its regular level of 9.8 million barrels a day by Monday.

I bet Bolton set this on motion before be got the boot from Trump. Probably CIA drones sent by Bolton to kick off a war.

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Bolton was the Nat. Security Advisor, not the Director of the CIA. He didn’t have authority over anyone.

Job description:

“ The national security adviser offers the president a range of options on national security issues. Among other duties, the national security adviser helps plan the president’s foreign travel and provides background memos and staffing for the president’s meetings and phone calls with world leaders.”

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Yeah! It wasn’t like he wasn’t around DC for a long time in really senior positions or anything. He probably doesn’t have a really strong network of government insiders connected to power brokers. It wasn’t like Bolton was a part of the deep state or anything.

Wake up dude.

You wake up. He had no authority over anyone. He was nothing more than a glorified travel agent.

Hey - are you interested in buying a bridge?

Slightly off topic, I just want to see how much bullshit you are willing to buy before engaging further.

Well, you got me there. Bullshit seems to be your forte.

This is a bigger deal than you’s not a refinery but a much more important piece of the puzzle in commercialisation of hydrocarbons.

Crude needs to be stabilized and the sulfur needs to be removed before transportation to a refinery where the fracking takes place. It doesn’t matter how much oil SA can pump from the ground if they can’t ship it. And the House of Saud might not have sufficient funds and time to repair it. It will take years to back up if the initial reports of damage are correct.

Last time it was attacked in retaliation to the airstrikes (with no operational damage), price of crude went up $2 on the same day. This time it happened over the weekend, but I am sure Monday is going to be wild in the stock market.

Unless they have a magical spell to back up production (they don’t, nobody is even remotely close to the production volume of that plant and again, it need to be close to the wells) the entire global economy is going to suffer greatly, especially India, Japan and China, whom are fully dependent on Arabian oil.

Expext US boots on the ground in yemen

Who cares? It’s not our problem. If the Saudis can’t defend their infrastructure from a bunch of cheap ass drones that’s their problem. I personally hope Aramco gets crushed and all those camel fuckers lose their shirts.

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The Chinese are now the largest importers of Saudi oil. Let them protect their own interests and solve their own problem.


This is the price you pay for being part of the Zionist team, conducting wars and financing terrorist organizations.
Burn, burn, godless agents of the dark.
This disgusting kingdom needs go bankrupt and its “royals” exposed as a bunch of phonies.

China can always buy crude from Iran and Iraq. It won’t hurt China a bit.


Bolton wuz a gud boi he dindu nuffin!


I have no idea what I just watched but I loved it.


Iran through its proxies ( Houthis) continue destabilzation efforts against U.S. Allies, knowing they can6win a war of direct confrontation.
These hit and run tactics are similar to the VC without a jungle to hide in.
SAs military must be inept if they can’t retake Yemen. Where is their Intelligence inside Yemen??
We will pay more at the pump because alternative fuel technology is available, only Big Oil and the government won’t allow its production.
It will be the same old story, the U.S. has finish the job that U.S. armed and most likely countries are incable of doing for one reason or another.

So who reeeally attacked the Aramco facility?

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In classic follow the money fashion, my first thought was Russia via Iran / Syria. The Saudis are funding their enemies. Double win in that higher oil prices are fantastic for Russia and the Saudis have less money to spend on terrorism.

Just in time for an autumn-winter campaign season, worse-case scenario.


That seems reasonable, but there is evidence that NeoCons are creaming themselves over this.

They are saying it was a ‘drone attack’. To cripple an oil refinery with ‘drones’ would be quite something. I mean, the US uses UAVs to assassinate people, but to take out major infrastructure sounds highly unlikely. I’d expect more to be going on here - multiple heavy-payload cruise missiles at least.

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That’s what I was thinking as well. I don’t see Israel being involved as a false flag, especially since there wasn’t an immediate “WE KNOW WHO DID THIS” moment. I don’t think it was the CIA / US either, since Saudi Arabia is basically Israel.

If it was a “drone attack” that kind of limits the suspects. The media are retards, so drone might mean UAV. China? Can’t see why they’d do that. The arabs probably don’t have the tech and if they do, someone gave it to them and explained how to use it. If drones were really used, that might be a more deniable action for whoever did it, especially if it was Russia. Kind of hard to hide where huge missiles came from.

Of course, one of the monkeys might have pressed the wrong button and boom – the drone attack narrative could be to try to use this crisis to forward some sort of agenda so it doesn’t go to waste.

Any attack can be made to appear to come from any country, and frequently is.