Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 87

I am. We’re heading into some interesting times here…hold onto your seat. LOL.

I see you’re being safe as well.

I am trying too! :rofl: battling the evil forces of the CCP here in HK! :rofl:

This is good news at the perfect time! Good times are def ahead! :rofl:

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Just got out of work. Found our she’s toast. Literally my reaction…

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These bitches are gonna riot so hard now and they are still gonna lose. Holy shit this is starting to feel like 2016 again. The energy is coming back. Fucking glorious.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has discarded the body she had used in this lifetime. She is now exploring the universe in an exterior state. No longer needing her body and unencumbered by its limits, RBG will continue to fight racism, homophobia and Christianity in the outer planes of reality.

Very very sad news. She was a giant.

She was a voice of hope and sanity and compassion and reason.

She was justice personified.

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If democrats get total control and Moscow Mitch pushes this through…time to add some Justices.

If McConnell does this he will hand the election to Biden and the Senate to Democrats.

These animals need to be put down…



Yeah, I’ve heard that there’s alot of that out there in those outer planes

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Is there a rule that says he cannot vote for himself?

That would make the Left go insane. LOL

Its GREAT news.

A giant sack of SHIT

She was a baby-killing anti-American filthy piece of shit and she is now rotting in hell where she and all democrats belong

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The McConnell rule was previously known as the Biden rule, and lets describe it accurately.
It is, No confirmations in a presidential election year when senate and presidency are held by different parties.

It doesn’t apply this year.

Exactly what would be expected by the corrupt left. When the system doesn’t work in your favor, change the rules.

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She was a rubber stamp for the progressive left. It was a rare occurrence that she actually looked at an issue judging it in regards to the constitution.

At on time she was a giant, today she will b remembered as a shill for the progressive left.


Here’s how the Karen / soyboy revolt over RBG will go:

Hell yeah we’re gonna burn it all down!

A single man bitch slaps them

AAAAAAH help! Police! Fascism!


What planet does the left live on where they’ve been getting away with riots for months, the entire media supports them, every university and corporation supports them…

But RBG dies and we have fascism now?
Wtf lmao.