Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 85


Yeah, because that’s totally what you were saying before… :laughing:


And they do to the best of their ability. It just so happens that people disagree with them.


I should clarify - they do the job in their own way. We label them left right or otherwise.

And the same goes for everyone - you may read the constitution and decide it means ‘X’ about ‘Y’. Your interpretation is not left right or otherwise - it is just the way you read it.

It is only in the context of larger political setting does your interpretation become labeled partisan.

For example - Roberts - he rulled not he ACA according to his reading of the constitution and the law. He did not make that ruling based on teh ideology he has been assigned.


Well that’s a complete fabrication and we all know it. If that were true all judicial nominations would be rubber stamped by The Senate absent obvious disqualifications such as drug abuse, alcoholism, or prior criminal history.

At the SCOTUS level in particular their political leanings are the primary concern during confirmation hearings.


Roberts’ ruling was based solely on cowardice and not putting the court in the position of being accused of acting in a political fashion as was accused in Bush v Gore.


Not only that but his legal reasoning for his ruling was pulled out of thin air and not actually based on anything in the Constitution or even previous legal precedent. (Because there wasn’t anything to pull from.) That’s why he had to redefine words in the legislation to mean something other than what was written. (Tax not a penalty.)


You’re just being polite. It was not “thin air”.


I understand what you are saying, but I think you have it backwards.

I don’t think Scalia her said “I will read the constitution as a conservative and rule accordingly”. Instead he said 'i will read the constitution as I see it and rule accordingly". and his rulings aligned with conservative interests.

I guess all I am saying is, the judges themselves aren’t intending to act in a partisan manner.


I don’t believe Chief Justice Roberts is a coward.


Which is another complete fabrication. Judges routinely use their positions to directly further political goals based on their personal bias rather than constitutional or statutory law.

That is why activists routinely go “judge shopping” and file cases in specific courts and jurisdictions where they know they’ll get friendly judges.


Believe whatever you want, the facts show otherwise.


What ‘fact’ are you aware of that lets you know how Scalia, or any justice, thought or thinks about their responsibilities?


Like the 9th circuit?


Their histories and records as jurists as well as public comments they have made about decisions along with reading the decisions published.


Exactly as well as seeking out specific district courts in all of the circuits where they know they can find friendly judges.


That tells you nothing about WHY they ruled the way they ruled.


You’ve never actually read a SCOTUS or appeals court decision have you?


Reminder: RBG has been missing for 55 consecutive days.

Recently canceled appearances scheduled for Jan 29th and Feb 6th.

Won’t be at State of the Union address on Feb 5th.


He doesn’t read anything here, he just trolls and comments on things he has no idea about!


Let’s not forget how long leftists keep their dead leaders looking alive.

Just sleeping. But seems to be awakening and stretching in the new Democratic House of Representatives.