Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 85


Actually, the issue isn’t “militant Islam” but just “Islam”.

It is a benefit to us with respect to Islam that people just don’t make good disciples. Muslims on the whole don’t go around emulating Mohammad. They want ordinary lives, careers, famines, friends, neighbors and all the things that actually emulating Mohammad would get in the way of.

Which is to say that while emulating Christ is a very good thing, emulating Mohammad is very, very bad for all concerned.

Though if you search his “Red Pill briefing” seems more likely to come up, the earlier briefing by Stephen Coughlin starting here:

… is long but worthwhile (there are multiple videos in the series). Particularly note the things said about the Fort Hood shooter as these highlight how the Koran alone is enough to make a reasonable person into a Muslim jihadi.

Please note I DID say a reasonable person. These Muslim terrorist are not on the whole what our own Left is becoming as Cultural Marxism festers, for they are simply becoming mad, incapable of sustaining the civilization and nation (as was intended of them). But like actual Marxist, with whom they share many traits, the “militant” Muslims are evil but they don’t need to be insane to be that way. This makes them more dangerous, not less so.

It is really not surprising that the creatures the Cultural Marxists made are now doing the will of the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. They imagine there will be something magically for them after their insipid “revolution” and so are blind to the consequences of using Islam to further dechristianization of the West. These are not watchmen who stay silent as the enemy army approaches but a 5th Column to invite the army in and prevent watchmen from doing there jobs.


There are Muslims that do not practice Islam. I have a personal friend who is Muslim and married (for over 40 years) to a Jew.


That’s because they/he was actually liberalized to actual meaning of liberalism. :wink:


They are both Trump supporters…and hate radical Muslims nearly as much as do I.


Are you trying to become the poster child of a typical conservative for liberals to point to?


One word … Trump


If you are going to do that, at least you could make cookies. :wink:




That’s what is known as “poetic justice.” :wink:


Popcorn if he choses to watch the special.


In any normal world scenario an 85 year old who was as freakishly sick and frail as Ginsburg would have retired long ago. She’s gonna fall again because she is very obviously unwell. Frail senior citizens at her advanced age tend to die quickly after slip-and-falls. If that doesn’t finish her off, the cancer will return, probably within a year.


I suppose death would seem harsh to those who don’t believe in an afterlife.
Or, if the quality of your afterlife is based upon your actions while here on earth.

You don’t “care for her one way or another”? Me either. I don’t personally know her.

Yet, this is a political discussion board. The ramification of how her politics shapes her opinions as a Supreme Court Justice are relevant.


Wishing death on any high ranking US official is likely to get our hosts unwanted attention from the LEO and intel communities so perhaps it would be a good idea to keep such thoughts to ourselves.


That is why I initially moved this stupid fake news thread to the lounge. Some people do not realize that our threads often show up on searches.


Land of the free.

Anyway - it’s fine to wish death on people. That’s protected speech. Planning and intent to carry out the task is another matter - there was none of that here.


This is a privately owned website, we have only as much freedom here as our hosts allow.

There is no reason to bring unwanted attention from LEO’s and the Intel Community on our hosts.


Besides that, people don’t have to bring this stuff here if they want to get attention … they can spout off in front of their Google Assistant or Alexa and it’ll get to people with nothing about Clintons they’re interested in investigating…


Can someone explain what’s going on here?


Yeah - it’s starting to show up all over my news feeds.


Another reason to hate FOX news, Ive never like them , watched them or even care for them, I despise them as much as I despise the Clinton News Network aka CNN and MSNBC the marxist network.

As much as I dont care for Justice Ginsburg that was really a shitty thing for FOX to do.