Rand Paul Drops NUKE on Dems’ Plans for Second Impeachment

Rand Paul calls it like it is! Great speech! I don’t agree with him on everything, such as overturning the election.

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I think it is quite clear Roberts has ruled this as unconstitutional by not showing.

I think the stress of trying to handle this may well do in Leaky Leahy. Not a good idea on so many levels.

I think you’re reading too much into this. It seems more likely that he just doesn’t want to be dragged into a political fight when he’s not required to.

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Hum… this is a very big deal and there is no question whether it’s constitutional
it is…it’s been done before…roberts just doesn’t want to and no body can make
him do it…doing something that many millions don’t like doesn’t appeal to him…

That’s the point. He isn’t required to.

Trump is now a private citizen. Not the president.