Project Veritas - Pinterest Insider Speaks Out: "The tech companies can't fight us all"

I hope he is a catalyst of a trend of insiders exposing their companies on their practices of “telling people how to think”.

This video is very much worth your time. This actually brought a tear to my eye at the end. Very very powerful. Share it among your friends and spam the link everywhere.

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All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Yes, there is a cost to standing up, but their is a cost for doing nothing. And that cost is far worse than death itself.

Censorship is the only hate speech there is.

Censorship is a pretext by tyrants to do evil things without fear of public knowledge or record.

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Good kid. Sounds like he’s been taking his red pills like he should. Screw all of these big tech scumbags.

I’m on the fence with Veritas on this one. James got this dude fired.

Allow me to clarify - he failed to properly cover his identity and documents. He could have continued to have a MOLE in Pinterest, and no longer has that.

How many other websites doing the exact same thing :thinking: