Progressivism as a Religious Cult

It is my contention that progressivism, liberalism, whatever you want to call it has reached the level of a religious cult.

It has a dogma, worshipped leaders, the whole 9 yards.

Secular puritanism.

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It also has a hatred for apostacy that rivals Islam.

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Agreed, and I think that hatred explains some of their reaction to Trump.

Worshiping of the state is indeed a religion for em. Big difference thou is that state is a religion with power, power to control, to punish and silence any criticism…which is what make their faith so dangerous.

Need proof? Look no farther then how offensive libs get when criticizing their faith, even to a point they will threaten you. Or Europe threaten to imprison those that dare to speak out against migration using their favorite verse in book of Statism…under hate speech.

I would say Statism is similar to Islam Sharia laws…it’s not just a religion but how to govern it’s people, to wage war to undermine your enemies.

But the difference between Islam and Statism…Statism already has powerful infrastructure in place built on the back of Christianity.

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So true. And many on the left are openly hostile to Christianity, although not usually other religions. We have seen it with the Christian baker, and most recently a Virginia high school teacher fired for refusing to call a transgender student by the pronoun they have chosen for themselves.

Religious freedom is under attack, all in the name of "tolerance’.