President Trump's smiles

I have often defended President Trump–he is frequently the object of scurrilous (and baseless) charges by the left wing (who still cannot accept that he is actually president)–but I do have to wonder just why he can manage no more than a sort of half-smile (in fact, almost a smirk).

Have others noticed this also?

Maybe he will smile more when he gets that wall built and those illegals deported. Nah…he just needs to give more of our money to Israel. That will cheer him up for sure!

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It costs over 135 billion a year for illegals a low estimate, how much do we give to Israel? Chump change!

Over 1 million illegals will enter the US this heat costing billions more.

How much more will we give to Israel???

Chump change.

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I am not quite sure just why you resent our giving foreign aid to Israel (as just about every president, of either party–since the ■■■■■■ state’s founding, over 70 years ago–has also done).

Do you have the same reservations about our giving foreign aid to, say, Egypt? Or to Jordan?

Or is foreign aid to Israel especially troublesome, to your way of thinking?

Israel: $3.1 Billion. Surrounding Muslim countries: ~$12 Billion.

Cost of illegals to the US each year: $116 Billion

What else ya got?

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