President Trump Announces Turkish Unilateral Invasion of Northern Syria

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I don’t have to refute your statement with substance, I provided plenty here for your consideration already, and if you want post crap like you usually do here such as your hit and run posts that is not based on anything factual then you are deserving of the ridicule such as your last statement! I am the one who created this thread, if you can’t discuss what is being posted with substantiated facts then you can just show yourself out and leave the conversation to the adults in the room! This is par for the course with idiots like you from the left! Maybe the Huff Piss is more to your liking, at least there you get your echo chamber and safe space!

They are a religious cult, do your research, seriously.

Not knowing whether Assad approved Turkey’s invasion,I see this as an act of war invading Syria’s Sovereign Territory to establish a “safe zone” . The Kurds helped save Assad’s Ass from ISIS and an autonomous homeland would create a buffer from Turkish Islamic aggression.
As I previously said , the U.S. should arm the Kurds to the teeth to defend themselves to prevent Russia or Communist China from stepping in, as they sitting on the sidelines watching how this plays out.

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Hey Dr. Phil I thought you are so smart? How come you don’t know the definition of what a religious cult is? Epic failure on your part! Perhaps you don’t know what Qi Gong is huh? What religion do you practice Dr Phil? Diet cola?

The whole point that was previously suggested in what this is about is continuing or perpetuating a state dependent on US military support! Sure we should help them with Arms, but if you read the article by McCarthy and the one I posted before that, the Kurds don’t have a home state of their own in the region, as they are scattered in four different countries with different ideological sects, one of those sects being of communist loyalty! It’s up to the Kurds themselves to forge their own state whether it be in Syria or Iraq, and asking the US to do it for them just creates another puppet state that I am sure Democrats would love in order to throw tax payers money away into a black hole, something they are very good at. While we read the kneejerkers here accusing Trump of being a sociopath and this ridiculous and absurd charge of genocide just goes to show the shear and wilful ignorance on this particular issue! Turkey’s incursion into Syria is strictly to clear the border towns of the extreme fringes of the communist sects as well as remaining ISIS strong holds. The rest of the country still has strong presence of Russian military and they know if they go further they will be outmatched should they choose to engage the pro Assad forces! Trump was right in this decision, and let’s be clear it’s time other countries start sucking it up and fight their own battles, this whole idea of the US always having to be relied on should be coming to an end! We need to consider pulling out of places like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, where the expense alone of having our military there each year could be going to fund infrastructure projects back home, another point Trump was quick to point out! You would think with the asshats liberals here they would get that point and give the President some credit by putting America first, but because it’s Trump we got to have more wars so he must be a sociopath according to some ignorant fools here! Seriously the TDS here is off the rails where logic is thrown to the wind to satisfy their emotional support groups steeped in looking for therapy to cure their warped delusions of a Faux paas victimization! All self imposed mind you! You can’t make this stuff up!

Iran and Russia are the only ones that were invited in, ALL the rest are belligerents including the US.

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How is the U.S. a belligerent when the soldiers are advisers to the Kurds.

US had advisors in Vietnam.
Great outcome.

Seriously, the US had been busy bombing the Syrian infrastructure and other government targets to weaken the Assad regime which enjoys an overwhelming support from the Syrians.

Oh, the US was also busy bombing no-man’s land in the desert, supposedly to attack ISIS.

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Were you there personally to witness what you claim?

I’m afraid you’re right. Actually the West shouldn’t even be in Syria because Assad has never asked us to get involved; in other words the West is violating international law. I wonder what we’d say if Russia did that? We’d probably accuse Russia of being ‘more threatening to global peace and stability’? I mean what abject hypocrisy that would be??


Can your virtual signaling cuckery be any more obvious? lol!

Do you have anything intelligent and constructive to say, or are you just going to keep posting snidey hit-and-run insults?

How about you support your statement with actual facts? Otherwise I stand by my statement! How are you any different than the libtards here who do same?

President Assad has not invited the US into Syria. And Syria has never attacked the United States. Our presence in Syria is a violation of sovereign territory.

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Exactly correct…

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The US had no business being in Syria, whether boots on the ground or not.

There was a cave from which the US and Israeli “advisors” were directing ISIS, but it was destroyed by Russian cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea, killing all of them.

We don’t know yet the exact details and deals among Erdogan, Putin and Trump and should refrain from any hasty conclusions.

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