Portland Mayoral Candidate is a Member of Antifa

Why wouldn’t a mouth-breathing leftist from Portland running for mayor be a member of Antifa? I sincerely hope that ever cop in that garbage city quits all at the same time and these communist morons get to send out their social workers and mobile hugboxes to deal with the cancer they have created. I really hope this woman gets elected. She is what the people of Portland deserve.

Those are the most obnoxious glasses I’ve ever seen.

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Welp…she doesn’t look batshit crazy at all…


I can’t hear the video. Did she actually say she is a member of Antifa?

She didn’t say she that she is an outright member but she will not say anything negative about their violence or the rioting. She had nothing but negative things to say about the police.

Ah, thank you. My audio got messed up in the last update on my laptop. Kind of stinks to watch videos with no sound. (sigh)