Political Blackmail, Sex in a Storage Unit, and Never Trumpers

Just got done reading this story and its quite compelling. A short synopsis of the story that was just released exclusively on Brietbart involves Lauren Boebert and her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch. I don’t want to give away the entire story because it does make for both good reading and good fodder so no spoilers.

Essentially Adam Frisch was caught having an extra marital affair while as a council member for the city of Aspen. Todd Gardner was at the time running a small taxi company to which he also had a storage unit business on the same property where his taxis were serviced. He recognized Frisch who showed up riding a bicycle on his lot as he was taking out the garbage. Gardner had Frisch on surveillance video catching him with another woman having sex in a storage unit that she rented. Gardner sat on the information for over a year until an issue that Frisch was working on came in conflict with Gardner’s business interests. Gardner approached Frisch about the issue and essentially used the video footage to black mail Frisch in order to change his vote which ultimately he did.

Now that Frisch is running for Congress and is Boeberts opponent, Gardner’s regret and guilt motivated him to reach out to Beitbart and Boebert regarding this story because he felt that Adam Frisch is a lying scumbag and that he has no integrity after witnessing first hand that he could be bought.

In this article, Todd Gardner gives a very candid interview that is both compelling and wild that fully explains in clear terms what had happened.

A man who owned a taxi service and storage facility in Aspen, Colorado, has claimed on video tape to the Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) campaign and in a separate exclusive interview with Breitbart News he allegedly blackmailed high profile congressional candidate Democrat Adam Frisch with surveillance footage of him showing up to a storage unit facility where, according to the business owner, Frisch was caught allegedly having an affair.

The wild story stands out even in this crazy election cycle. Democrat congressional hopeful—Frisch (pictured) is currently challenging Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in the upcoming November midterm election—has yet to respond to the allegations when Breitbart News asked his campaign about them.

The business owner, a man named Todd Gardner, alleges on video shown to Breitbart News that he successfully blackmailed Frisch, then a city councilman in Aspen, Colorado, into changing his vote on the Aspen City Council regarding a crucial multi-million dollar transportation project. Gardner has reaffirmed those allegations to Breitbart News in a separate interview.

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