Pervert Joe Biden, US Generals and the Pentagon namley Kirby and Milley the General and Democrat's

They really do not want to talk about this , they come up with everything else BUT Americans and The World Press are to smart

Probably a lot of Americans thought that the death of 13 American servicemen and women at the Kabul airport on August 26 would be the last tragic debacle of our Afghanistan misadventure. Indeed, perhaps some Americans felt a little better when they heard the news that the U.S. military had gotten its revenge on “terrorists,” taking out ten of them in one blow of a drone strike on August 29.

As one defense official on the 29th of the dead and their droned vehicle, “It was loaded up and ready to go.” That is, they were terrorists and they had their suicide-vehicle aiming for an American target. For his part, on September 1, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, deliberately lied that the military had headed off an “imminent” threat, calling the strike “righteous.”

Without a doubt, the strike also made the Biden administration look tough after weeks of looking weak. Yes, Biden’s officials might have been caught unawares of the sudden slide of events in Afghanistan, for the big show on 9/11. Yet now, as we were finally leaving that country, at least we were showing macho by killing bad guys on the way out. Don’t mess with The trutch

All these declarations of precision and righteousness were good enough for many in the Main Stream Media, who were happy to play stenographer to Pentagon spin doctors. Here, for example, is CNBC’s on August 29: “U.S. drone strikes an ISIS-K vehicle packed with explosives in Kabul.” We can note the simple presentation of “fact” here. This MSM outlet felt no need to insert any qualifying in the language, such as “reported” or “alleged.” That same day, Fox News, which is increasingly a part of the MSM, these spoonfed-by-the-Pentagon “details”:

“Significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material,” US military official says. No civilian casualties.

We now know that qualifying was much needed—and then some. On September 10, The New York Times reported that that the ten dead Afghans weren’t ISIS-K or any other kind of terrorist; instead, they were an innocent Afghan family, the father of which was working for an American NGO (non-governmental organization) devoted to food aid. NOW those of you who voted for the insane Pervert Joe Biden tell me he is thing of Amer4ica when he is destroying it

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This is why the media pushed the story of that stupid van life girl, Gabby Petito, so hard. It was a massive distraction.

Yeah, looks like the Taliban is not keeping the agreement they made with Trump to provide safe passage of all Americans. The Taliban is responsible for security outside the airport and they let the suicide bombers in…

This is what you get when you negotiate with terrorists….Stupid Trump….:roll_eyes:

That’s not what his guide lines said silly girl lol

wow POTUS Trump did win the 2020 election? Pervert Biden like a little baby has a fit that the US Hates him 39 % Approval Biden is POTUS Right according to you, so why did he not cancel the PLAN POTUS had in May 2021 and cancel it then instead of trying to put on a show for 9/11 and let the Horrendous Afghanistan Debacle happen till August 2021 ? Look at everything the idiot Biden touches the Southern Border , Covid 19 The Economy The Natioanl debt and a list 100 points strong so what dose Biden do for the weekend Hides in his Basement in Delaware. You are probably a 1/6/2021 idiot wow 9/18/2021 Blew up in yours and Biden’s face, Biden and Harris created the 1/6/2021 riot to try to have the 2020 election not certified, I mean the Biden Administration is like the three stooges on Drugs. Were is Hoe Kamala Harris in all this in the basement banging Willie Brown? I live in Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Chapter of Hells Angels wanted to go to DC but the Republican Senators in Wisconsin told them to wait till like 10/14/2021 and by that time they can come for the Impeachment of BIDEN HARRIS and Pelosi the fun is starting

I am struggling to understand the title of this post. Please fix.

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Trump is no longer president. But he did negotiate the terms of withdrawal with the terrorists in Afghanistan……

Your man is President and look at how much everything has improved.I don’t believe you have any criticism of Quid Pro Joe.

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He’s not my man, I supported TG in the primaries you’ll remember. But in the end I’m certainly a never Trumper. I supported three Republicans in the Republican Party primaries who were running against trump. As you know I’m a never Trumper so anybody else, ANYBODY else from either side of the isle works for me….:+1:

So besides trumps record economic record low black unemployment high wages, no wars, Middle East peace deals, getting nations to pay their bills, fixing our border, getting the feds involved in inner-city violence, what exactly were you against? Lol

So, why didn’t your guy just rescind the agreement like he did everything else Trump did?

Did Trump say we had to pull the soldiers out before getting American citizens out first???

I don’t give two fs about Afghanistan or what the Taliban does with it. I do give a f about the Americans were/are left there to die because Joey.

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Joe is “working out”???

He’s not my guy, but Trump is a never, so as is so often the case, I get what I see to be the lesser of two evils…:roll_eyes:

Why would he rescind the agreement to let us withdraw securely……:thinking:

All Americans that want out are or will be out…
The state department began contacting and offering early and safe passage in May. Many declined. There’s lots of people that believed the Afghanistan government would stand. Also, we had a stupid policy in place in Afghanistan that allowed Americans to come and go at will without any notification to the state department. As a result, who and how many Americans were even in Afghanistan wasn’t even known……:roll_eyes:

As well as any other. It is a given however that you’d never be pleased with any democrat in office, no matter who it is.

Give us a name of a Democrat that isn’t epically failing

That isn’t true. I would not have minded in the least if Tulsi Gabbard had won. You won’t believe me but, I gave Obama a chance when he won his first term. I didn’t vote for him but, I wanted him to succeed because I live in this country.

I want every President to be successful… because I live here!

Unfortunately, Democrats almost always leave me unimpressed.

Like I said…………………….

yeah just like Biden and The State Department Kirby and so idiot General know nothing about a State Department Direct droan that murdered 7 children two women an 1 man who were NOT TERRORIST give America a break you are the same as them

Care to elaborate???..