Pence Under a Bus and Hugged by a Bear

Is it tactical, or is it strategic, that Mike Pence appears to have been thrown under a bus by the administration, with no clear effort to isolate him or protect him by this administration? Because if Pence, while lying supine under the bus, is simultaneously hugged close by the bear-troll president who also is tangled up in the undercarriage, so that Pence cannot step up to be even an interim president, then Republican senators are contemplating a President Nancy Pelosi pro tem: is the White House counting on this being such anathema to those senators that Trump’s survival in office at least to January 2021 is guaranteed?


Well that’s interesting. Is Trump worried that enough republican senators would vote to convict??? :rofl:

I think it’s “stupid-strategic” in the most infantile way: “If I’m going down, I’m taking you all with me!”

The Dems are demanding Pence hand over relevant documents. Suppose the docs in question are being guarded in a room by a single lone woman? How is the VP going to get hold of the docs? What would Mother say? This is clearly a case of religious persecution. :smile:

I like John Oliver’s moniker of Stupid Watergate. Usually when you say “if I’m going down, I’ll take you all with me’, it’s done in private.

Doing it in public and outing all your co-conspirators, “it’s a bold move Cotton. Lets see how it plays out for them”.

For Ukraine, he’s going with Stupidest Watergate , more fully, Stupid Watergate II: The Stupidest Watergate .

Holy crap, I knew you were delusional but not this much! What is that thing about facts again? Please list what they are, otherwise more emotional platitudes that is self serving after a good rub out won’t cut it!

Crooked Donnie is sending a clear shot across the GOP bow, “if I go down I am taking Pence with me”, who’s left? Speaker Nancy…
The House, for this reason with not seek impeachment of VP Pence.
The GOP senators are not worried about Crooked Donnie, they are worried about his feral mob.