Oppose NY senate bill S7605 requires a doctor's approval for all firearms ( weaponizing mental health)

Summary: Would require a mental health evaluation prior to the purchase of any firearm.

  • Would put doctors in charge of who can buy a gun
  • Would establish an abusive “administrative process” for denying potentially millions of New Yorkers their rights
  • Would effectively create a mass gun ban under the guise of “public safety” and “mental health”

S7065 is a blatant attempt to prohibit as many New Yorkers from purchasing firearms as possible. By giving doctors, a majority of whom are anti-gun…

When you watch your rights going out the window but to stupid to realize it’s your freedom gun owner or not you retards of the world.

This is how they take mental health and weaponize it ---- It’s only one small area the rest is easy claiming you are mentally ill . They left has control of the medical world all which can strip your life’s freedom away based off pure bs.

NY is the land of morons starting with gov HOMO .


This bill violates constitutional rights! This bill will not stand up to legal challenges!

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This is problematic for mental health professionals that ok a firearms purchase for a person that then commits a violent crime with the purchase. Seems like the concern over liability would influence their decisions…:thinking:

Maybe that’s addressed deep in the bill somewhere…

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This is has got to be some of the dumbest shit I have ever read! There is no way this passes. What’s next? A mental health evaluation to buy a car or a knife?


LOL. I just had to crack up the way you said that. If they even try this you know hwat happen to twats that try to take ppls guns.