Omar under Serious Investigation

The Blaze’s report was authored by David Steinberg, who has extensively covered the criminal allegations against Omar for many months while at PJ Media.

The Blaze reported that ICE’s involvement in the investigation pertains to “questions about [Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage],” which allegedly includes “eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.”

Like all Muslims, she will simply claim that any investigation into her illegal behavior is because of her race and religion. Americans will then instinctively cower in fear at the thought of being called a racist or bigot - and they will continue to be ruled over by those that wish to destroy them.

I don’t know about all that. Americans are well aware of what this corrupt asshole has been up to. Now it’s about applying the right level of pressure to ensure that the swamp doesn’t turn a blind eye to this.

She’s going to get away with all of it because no one wants to deal with being called a bad name. Sad but true.

She’s been under investigation for a long while. Yet she still opens her mouth with BS. When is something going to done about her and the others.

After the investigations are complete she will be indicted. She is Low hanging fruit that the Democrats will be happy to give up.

Some people are investigating something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: