Official Coronavirus Non-Political Thread: Facts and Updates ⛑

As I have been saying all along, the truth will eventually win the day! This is pretty startling to say in the least.

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Double Vaccinated 13 year-old boy dies suddenly of cardiac arrest

Heart attack while playing with his friends

The left doesn’t want most to know about all the sudden unexplained heart issues once healthy Americans had . Those taking the vax are 10 times more likely to experience cardiac arrest .

No doubt! Its doing what its designed to do! Kill off as much of the population as possible world wide. One only has to go to the World Economic forum and put 2+2 together to fully understand what the underlying agenda is. Never in my time alive have I ever saw a desperate media, the Federal Government in trying to coerce the population to take a vaccine that is already proven not to work.

It is going to be 2 years next month since I have seen my wife and son all because of the fake fear bullshit that the Government here in both Hong Kong and China have used as an excuse to keep the borders closed and prevent people from traveling. This is happening everywhere, and its totalitarianism at its root. At some point things are going to get worse if governments around the world continue doubling down on this stupidity and more people continue to die from the vaccine. Violence is in our future! Just look at Australia! Unbelievable that this is happening!

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After watching the CDC Director this morning on the news swipe away the question will they Accept natural immunity or not. I have lost all faith in the federal government

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This is pretty damning! Must watch this and its something I have been saying all along! Going to the origins is a must if we are to get to the bottom of who is responsible for this catastrophe.

Heroes will rise from the least likely sources.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden has taken a stand in Houston, Texas, against the medical establishment’s > COVID-19 protocols, and withstood massive pressure upon her. Dr. Bowden disengaged herself from a medical system that was not treating the core of patient’s needs and set off on her own path.

Dr. Bowden created BreatheMD to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 with therapeutics, wellness and monoclonal antibody treatments. To take this approach, Mary Bowden had to disconnect herself from the medical establishment. Her clinic is thriving despite the ongoing assaults from Big Pharma, the Houston Methodist hospital system and media. Dr. Bowden is on the right side of history. Earlier today she held a press conference.

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