OBAMAGATE. How Obama Officials Plotted to Take Down Trump! ***UPDATE***

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US Attorney… “I expect to see a series of indictments from John Durham”

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Interesting … if you replace ‘Obama’ with ‘Clinton’ the whole series of posts is entirely believable.

I await the ultimate reveal on Obama’s behaviour. None of us really nows what is under the carpet.

Some of us do actually, but being it’s a fight to the death and it’s a Global construct with an agenda to carry out a specific objective, the white hats are carefully strategising the right moment to execute and the game is not to be telegraphed. China is connected to the motives of all the evil players. Connect China’s ambitions, their economic aggression where exploiting greed, and gaining a stronghold in the Lobbyist pool of governing institutions then it all makes perfect sense when viewing the current political discourse in the aggregate! Obama is a paper tiger that is going to be left all alone on an island with no friends when the final power broker is eliminated! The Clintons are getting too old and will die soon on the alter of the Progressive implosion that ends up on the wrong side of history! It’s desperate times for many on the left, which is why they are trying desperately to find anything, something that will prolong their eventual demise! It’s coming soon! Very soon!

Interesting twist in all of this chaos!

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Trump taking aim at Obozo! Very interesting, though I doubt Obozo is sweating it!

This article repeats some known facts. Joe Biden has already confessed to the truth of the headline. However, it is current, it redefines who was actually behind the global community efforts to fire