Nyone watch CNN New Day

Its really comical this is what I mean. Look at the poll numbers for Biden Harris Pelosi and Schumer all under 30 % approval. The script for the day is to create something Trump did wrong to deflect from the horrific Biden Administration, they sit around a tabel and create lies to fill thier time on air, Some of the lies even would surpass Biden, Briana Kieler the fat one is Johnnies new Girlfriend, Alyson Camarata was their before after being fired from Fox News for Banging a cameraman during commercials, Briana is so fat t get her in any position for Johnie is a lot of work so the fact chert Guy Johnnie Avalon hods Briana by the ankels and well you fill in the dots. Do You watch CNN and why? Thier is something on the net called CNN PORN is this it?

I only watch fox news, news max, or real American news