NSC Russia Expert Escorted From White House Under Intelligence Investigation

Interesting news that flew under the radar while everyone was focused on the peaceful protest in VA. On Friday the National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, was escorted from the White House grounds and is currently under a security investigation. The details remains unclear as to the specifics but Peek is currently under serious security investigation and did not make the trip with President Trump’s team to Davos which he was scheduled to attend.

According to CTH, Peek served as an Army intelligence officer with Gen Allen in Afghanistan as well as recently assistant Secretary of State for Iran and Iraq as an ally to National Security advisor Robert O’Brien

Andrew Peek came from the State Department. Because the appointment happened in the past two months, it would appear Andrew Peek was recommended by the Dept. of State and accepted for the NSC post by National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

Here’s how it looks: Andrew Peek was a mole. A resistance spy sent into the Trump administration as part of the allied deep state resistance effort. Someone caught him attempting to access something, and here’s how CTH can tell.

The biggest flare that identifies Andrew Peek’s ideology is the connection to former U.S. General John Allen. CTH has tracked Allen for several years; he was used as part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He spoke at the DNC convention for Hillary Clinton.

John Allen was also used, politically, as part of President Obama’s 2014 false narrative around ISIS; giving the illusion of an effort to confront the radical Islamists. Obama had been holding leverage over John Allen since 2012 [HERE]

Allen, a four-star Marine general, succeeded Petraeus as the top American commander in Afghanistan in July 2011; but General John Allen had a serious zipper problem. Allen retired in 2012 when his sexual proclivities surfaced.

However, Obama brought him back when he needed a General he could control in 2014. Allen’s 2012 zipper problem became Obama’s 2014 political leverage to use General Allen as a tool to present the image of Obama’s faux fight against ISIS.

Andrew Peek coming from the stable of John Allen tells us everything we need to know about the ideology of Mr. Peek. There’s no doubt in my mind that Andrew Peek is therefore an ideological member of the resistance similar to another NSC appointment, Alexander Vindman.

Keep in mind, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien also comes from inside the Dept of State. So whether Mike Pompeo and Robert O’Brien set-up Peek as a mole, or whether Peek’s activities were discovered without their foreknowledge is an open question. However, I find it impossible to believe that NSA Robert O’Brien didn’t know the ideology of Peek prior to the appointment.

Additionally, in the periphery of downstream consequence, and seemingly out of nowhere today, impeachment Lead Manager and HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff said:

“The Intelligence Community is beginning to withhold documents from Congress on the issue of Ukraine. They appear to be succumbing to pressure from the administration. The NSA in particular is withholding what are potentially relevant documents to our oversight.”


Considering the timeline; and considering the topic(s); and considering the ideology; there’s a strong possibility the person on the other end of Peeks’ communication effort was someone in the network of Adam Schiff, perhaps Mary McCord or similar…

Schiffs reaction to his mole being caught!

Maybe it’s time that the Trump administration purge the State Department of the obvious left wing deep state losers. There has got to be a better talent pool than what I have currently seen. Also, when did we start giving 12 year olds the title of “senior” anything? I’ve got shoelaces older than this kid.

Dude looks like a sniveling little bitch. Not gonna lie.

He does doesn’t he? Another one of Obama’s soy boys !

That is what Rex Tillerson was suppose to do, but I Guess we know how that ended. The problem is and I agree with you, is that such positions just can’t be fired. As such these traitors are much harder to fire than to hire them.

I’m wondering if this is yet another leaker feeding his political pals information.

The same question was raised as Adam Sciff made that statement. My impression is the two are connected and with the impeachment process going on, any moles are in danger of getting exposed with what I suspect is on heightened alert for all White House security staff.