‘Not afraid of burning in hell’ | Ron Reagan Atheist Ad

Not true of all of them…

What is ironic with all the protestations of the leftist idiots here, is the freedoms they enjoy today weren’t made possible without Christianity that helped shaped Western civilisation! Funny how they want to tear it down and replace it with a communist construct?

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That’s correct.
But the vast majority of them were and Masonic symbols were everywhere. Like 13 (states) being a Masonic number.
Red, white and blue as well.

George Washington and Jefferson were Masons and yet they were aware of the danger of the Illuminati who were the driving force behind the bloody French Revolution.

Myself, I was raised in a Christian home; but what was stressed more than religion, was common sense. It paid off. I respect people as best I can; but do not attempt to inject your philosophies into my life. Leave me be, and we will probably get along fine. Leave me to my own devices, as long as they do no harm. I believe attending parochial schools helped form my views; especially the Jesuit teachers. They actually did not hammer religion into me; but taught me to question. They are the deep thinkers of Catholicism. The reason they were often at odds with the church.


Lots of people are not afraid of what kills them.

Maybe Joe Biden can hook Ron Jr. up with a cushy Board of Directors gig once he wins the Oval Office.

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Hell, as the church doctrine came to evolve following its inspiration from Dante’s inferno, doesn’t kill anybody…

Btw, welcome here.

And you would know this how…

Because atheists are always the experts on everyone else’s beliefs.

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I spent more time in the church than you’ve been alive. Just glad I finally escaped it.

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I can’t figure out more than that.


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Are you against moral laws?

Morality is subjective.

They did surveys of all kinds of people and no one had a problem with these standards.


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I’ve got no problem with those Ray. Standards, ethics, codes of conduct all make good sense to most of us and are a matter of common sense for social arrangements.

What’s funny is you pointing to character while supporting Trump at the same time…chuckle.

Lots of deep seated anger here, folks. It isn’t too much of a leap that he equates church with conservatives. Ergo, hate and be against everything conservative because there is no middle ground.

That is, if he is telling the truth.

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I don’t think Monte has any anger.
More like deep-seated disappointment.
But I can’t speak for him. Let him speak about it.

Honestly, I think he may have been dismayed by the faux Christianity of his celebrated “conservative” parents. Both Ronald and Nancy Reagan were, after all, astrological slaves to to Joan Quigley. Christianity forbids astrology and sorcery was a sin punishable by death in the ld Testament.

Ever wondered how the warmongering neoconservative movement began rearing its ugly head during the Reagan administration? How Islamic militants were empowered during this period, particularly in Afghanistan?

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It’s just one of many fancy names for Zionist Jews.

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