New York hero receives the MEDAL OF HONOR and democrat governor silent

WASHINGTON – Tuesday, President Donald Trump presented the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award for valor, to David Bellavia, who served as an Army staff sergeant.

Bellavia is the first living Iraq War veteran to receive the award. He received it for his “conspicuous gallantry” during the Second Battle of Fallujah, the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War. Where was Governor HOMO of NY ???

Not surprising. Congrats to a true hero.

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Here in upstate NY …away from the leftists and city scum … the news of Bellavia is not silenced. We heard it and we celebrate our hero.

The left can continue to ignore and even denigrate our military. They always have. And yet brave men and women are still raised up within our great country. So sorry lefties …but your hate for America’s strength is being outed.


Once again the liberal scum show their true colors . They are too dam busy harboring illegals to pay respect to our HEROS !!!

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He is from Buffalo, N.Y, is that considered upstate or Western NY?

Maybe both. All of Western NY is upstate NY. I never hear “western NY” used though.

Probably just a local thing, because whenever I visit there I always hear that term used! It synonymous with the region of cities closer to the Lake.

Ok. Well from a weather perspective, I suppose one can call out western NY. They get more lake effect snow in the winter. My daughter lives just a little south of buffalo and so I pay some attention to that.