New Twitter and Facebook Policy is Absolutely Orwellian

After reading this, I was asking myself what did Trump and Jack Dorsey discuss when they recently met face to face? Now Twitter is dictating what can not be referenced such as Alex Jones’s Info Wars, Paul Joseph Watson that will be considered grounds to be banned. To make matters worse, Facebook, Apple, and You tube may follow suit soon. This is gong too far IMO!


Lol, enjoy your free speech. What are you going to do, stand on top of a hill and shout into a megaphone?

Not a big fan of IW, but by catering to the 21% of Americans that are actually leftwits, they are unwittingly (pun intended) writing thier own Epitaphs.

They can all go bye bye. Garbage anyway.

Who is “they” Alex Jones, Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson? Or the ones on Twitter who are leftists?

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Apple, and anyone else censoring speech. There will be another player that rises up to take their place and fill that gap. Free markets. Just as Fox News and the like filled a gap created by mainstream media outlets who attempt to skew everything to the left.

Thanks for the clarification! I Couldn’t agree more! I like to think there are still some white hats fighting for us!

I am certain that if Trump wins in 2020, both Facebook and Twitter will continue their “infamous” shadow-banning. They will go after conservative radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, Todd Starnes and many others. The social media will continue their “Orwellian” and iniquitous behavior towards those who try to use their platform for any promotion to Free Speech.

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I guess we’ll see how hot the water has to get before the frogs jump.


It was only a matter of time before globalists and lawyers ruined internet freedom.

Look at the bright side…porn is a safe bet.

FWIW…I never liked twitter and am envisioning a day when facey facebook is expelled from my list of browsing spots.

Youtube could hurt alot.


We actually want them to ramp it up, the more they do the more likely it is they will be replaced.


Mark Dice Nails it!

Twitter can do what they want, its a private company, if they want to ban whoever they please its their choice.

I personally avoid using twitter as they dont represent my views on free speech , as well with google, I use other search engines and as soon as I find something other than You tube I will go there.

But back to Twitter , they can do what they want and we can do what we want including boycotting them by not using their service.

I cant wait for the day when a new media arises and forces them out.

It’s not quite so cut and dried. They have special legal protections by virtue of being a user platform versus a publisher. If they are going to control content, they are a publisher and should be held to the same legal standards as all other publishers.


There are a couple - Gab and Minds - that are social medias. Gab is ok. But Minds allows you to “freely” speak. It is unmoderated, too!

This site should have an extension into social media that functions in the same way as twitter and keep the brand name going! Facebook is dead to me, and Apple, well they are walking a fine line! As far as Google, "Duck Duck, Go, and Brave are starting to pick up market share as search engines. Youtube not sure about but I have been seeing other platforms being used but I am not sure who.

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I agree! I don’t know if this site even has one…if at all maybe in the Chrome store?
I ditched Facebook a year ago. I don’t even use Twitter. There are only a few sites I go to now. One of them being Minds. But only because, I just read the comical posts and comments people make on there. It’s almost as if they made it their second home.

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