New Idea on How Republicans should replace "Obamacare"

I personally think this would work and I hope it gets done. If it passes the Free Caucus then I know there is substance to this idea. The question how many people who actually support this idea and get on board. Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue, as it seems this will be the next issue on the agenda.

Good article. Put the chronically ill and those with PE’s on Medicaid or something similar and have them pay “premiums” on a sliding scale.

Do away with the rest of O’care and let the states and individuals decide from there.

Right now we’re all getting screwed to the wall to pay for about 5% of the population’s healthcare.

What percentage of the healthcare entitlements is of the total federal budget?

Haven’t looked in a while but Medicaid, Medicare, and Social security make up around 80-90% of the non defense related spending.