New Blog Feature and Update

As summer is drawing to a close I wanted to take the time to share with everyone a new feature I’ve been working on for quite a while - the blog.

For those of you who have been around since the early days, you will remember that I used to have to connect separate publication sites to our platform. The posts from those publications would be mirrored here and the comments made would appear on the external publication site. It worked flawlessly, but required a lot of overhead and maintenance.

Now, we will have a blog capability built-in right here. There won’t be a need to create other sites to serve our content and we won’t need to partner with sites in order to serve as their comment engine. This opens up a lot of possibilities for this community. We can go beyond being just another political discussion forum. We can be our own digital publication.

If you are interested in writing a blog post it is a fairly simple process. Just send me a private message with your article. I’ll review it for quality. Once approved it will be published to the Blog category and featured at the top of the home page for 24 hours at a minimum.

Right now there is no limit or restriction regarding topic. If you have an interesting idea or want to share a story in the form of a blog post, have at it! Of course, political articles are welcome and I expect they will be the norm. They just don’t always have to be.

Upgrades and Improvements

Last month, I doubled the processing, memory, and storage capacity of our server. I was experiencing lag when videos were loading because there just wasn’t enough horsepower to serve so much content all at once. That video lag issue should be resolved now and our server is positioned for massive growth.

In addition to the new blog functionality, I am working on a live streaming capability. For those of you who remember FreebirdTV, I want to recreate the ability to live broadcast and upload videos…except this time I want to do it all right here and not rely on a separate site/infrastructure. I’ve been experimenting with a few options in terms of layout, but I am pleased to report we are probably 3-6 months away from this capability being launched.

I also have figured out a way to record and host podcasts all right here as well. That capability is technically ready for deployment; however, I am struggling with where to place the icon on the editor menu (placement is also wreaking havoc on other icons).

Store and Donations

The official store is undergoing a renovation. Initially, I didn’t have the time to build it up like I had wanted. The store was necessary as it was an easy and secure way to accept donations. Now that things have settled down a bit, the store is going to be used to make and sell custom stickers, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, etc. The proceeds will, as always, be rolled back into the site and be spent on maintenance, development, new capabilities, and marketing. If you have ideas for a custom design or are a talented graphic designer please reach out. We are open to profit sharing.

We will also be accepting crypto in the near future. As of right now we have wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. We have an official Ledger to ensure all received donations stay secured. If you are interested in donating BTC right now, please see our QR code at the bottom of this post. QR codes for our other wallets will be added soon.

BTC: 35ct7dqXTB8qgjE3dYWWnXxDLAvAH8ZuNs

Ethereum: 0x2ef85f13DB2634d8627583681756f12a03147e0e

LTC: MDLv4Wtc5C3mikUWdTC3rQwX6UbqjokZW1


I’m new to but I absolutely love it here! I was getting so tired of every time I would tweet something I would get attacked by these insane leftist trolls. I think there is a lot of potential here with all of these different things because the conservative space online is so fractured. I’m not much of a writer but I will try to contribute! Thanks for all you do here!


The blog is a good idea. If you can get the podcasts and video sections up and running that would be a game changer. 8chan is gone. 4chan probably won’t last much longer. Torba killed Gab but only after he took everyone’s money then put it on Mastodon like a jackass. Facebook and Twitter are shit. All of the other forums that have been around for a while all look like shit and their mods are crap.

Oh - and the Blog looks badass on the light theme.

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Sending over some LTC now. Was just waiting on the address to drop.


Hell yeah brother this is looking good. On the mobile it looks like the rest of the site but on the desktop it looks nice. Great work and thanks for the upgrade!

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Crypto is the way to go for donations. You need a DOGE wallet if you want to crush it.

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I’m definitely interested in doing some writing and will send you a PM. I don’t exactly want to use the name “FattyMcButterpants” for blog writing.

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BTC: 35ct7dqXTB8qgjE3dYWWnXxDLAvAH8ZuNs

Ethereum: 0x2ef85f13DB2634d8627583681756f12a03147e0e