Navy Seals Go Full Cuck - No More "Man" and "Brotherhood" in Ethos

That picture sums up what I think of this bullshit and the CLOWNS at the Navy that made this pussy bullshit decision. Let’s just send the message right now to our adversaries that we are nothing but a bunch of politically correct bitches scared of some screaming blue-haired leftist fat cow raging on fucking Twitter over the patriarchy.

This country is becoming a fucking joke. Trump is the Commander in Chief and should put an end to this sissy bullshit…but he won’t.

Oh and fuck you Navy. I hope all the real fighting men of your organization get off your rainbow colored sinking ship.


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Navy confirmed gay, yet again.

Although not as gay as my alma mater…


Some officer allowed that photo to happen. People just can’t go strolling around where those planes are unless they have real business there, so someone had to be aware of this, and that officer should be disciplined.

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Someone also approved the Navy Seals doing this nonsense as well. Most likely a flag officer. They should be forcibly retired.

Well, this was the story that brought me back. I’ve been out kicking cancer’s ass for a second time and this got my blood boiling hot enough to make an appearance.

This type of thing is incredibly demoralizing to those of us who have served in uniform. It’s even more demoralizing to the brave 1% of our population who are currently serving and who we passed the baton to.

This is a disgrace and it is totally un-American. When one of the most elite components of our military starts playing these politically correct games then we have a really big problem as a country. I hope and pray that President Trump is all over this and gets this situation corrected immediately. Whatever officer or pencil neck bureaucrat in the Pentagon thought this crap up needs to be shown the door. This is disgusting. I can’t even believe that we are seeing crap like this, in our military, in our great country. We are rotting and the rot is self-inflicted and unnecessary.


Are these the people who (supposedly) killed bin Laden?
Give me a break.

Why are they still silent about their comrades being killed in a suspicious helicopter crash?