Nan's does to again, the hyocrite from the left

‘Wife, Mother, Grandmother, And Daughter’ Nancy Pelosi Leads Impeachment Speech With Words She Banned

January15, 2021 By Paulina Enck

Just one week after creating a House rules packageremoving the words from any legislation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to herself as “a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter” during her opening of the impeachment debate.

She is technically not in violation of her own restrictions, as gendered language was only banned from legislation and other written texts, not speeches or conversation. However, there is something deeply ironic about forbidding others’ use of words while so prominently centering them in her speech.

The drama queen and worlds biggest HYPOCRITE at her finest.

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The language is banned in legislation, NOT CONVERSATION…

The thread is a nothing burger and a waste of PB space by Trumpers who are consumed, sickened with festering hate for the Democratic Party…:man_shrugging:

Yep…going forward it will be interesting to see what these retrumpliCONS say about all that will be
exposed through hearings regarding what trumputin has been doing secretly for 4 years…

The only problem is Biden keeps saying he wants to unite everyone …which is commendable but retrumplicons don’t want to get back together…they want to be antagonists and anti-American

The next years will determine if we will have a constant struggle against insurrection and fascism or enjoy democracy and freedom again…I hope Biden wins this battle it won’t be easy