Nancy Pelosi Hates Freedom of Speech

Looks like Nancy Pelosi hates the 1st Amendment and is using her political power to stop private citizens from sharing their negative opinions of her

Specifically, she wants Facebook and Twitter to remove a video of her ripping up the State of the Union speech

For once Facebook and Twitter tell a liberal to pound sand.

The only reason that old hag did it was for the attention…now she gets it in all forms and she doesn’t like it? Too bad, so sad Nancy. Maybe you shouldn’t have made a fool of yourself and acted like a professional.

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She did act like a professional. A professional liberal. LOL

Too bad (for her that) less people will be voting for her.

She wants to write and control the only narrative that the public is allowed to be exposed to.

What she did was representative of disrespect for every person honored in that room.

That she can’t take what she dishes out is not unexpected.