Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies announces Special LGBT Edition lecturing on how to use transgender pronouns

Oreo cookies, a division of international foods giant Nabisco, announced yesterday a “special” LGBT edition that includes lectures about how to use transgender pronouns.

We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions,” the company wrote in its Facebook post announcing the change. “In partnership with NCTE, we’re giving away special edition Pronoun Packs and encouraging everybody to share their pronouns with Pride today and every day.”


All gender identities? ALL? Even Toxic Masculinity?

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Well, Nabisco is now on “the list”. If the average every day person cannot see that there is indeed an agenda being pushed relentlessly for some 2% of mentally ill, degenerate homosexuals, then we are doomed. And one day, for no reason whatsoever, Hitler was elected into power.

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They are nothing but sugar and chemicals anyway, whenever I eat more than like ten I get sick.

I am going to try and eliminate refined sugar from my diet period, I have been using Stevia.

Hydrox were always the superior cookies.

The fact is obvious that its more than corporate virtue-signalling for profit. They cant expect huge capital gains from a demographic that’s only 2% of the population.

This is about full scale indoctrination…especially for children. There is aganda at play and is meant to be continuous.

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It’s so glaringly obvious. My sister said her kids have been saying how sick they are of it and my 12 year old just blurted out today, “God, I hate all these disgusting ■■■■■■■■■ I told him that most normal people do and to beat the shit out of any one who tries to mess with him.

Chips Ahoy already did some kind of drag queen Mother’s Day tweet, so Nabisco was already on the list. They’ve doubled down on Poz.

L.G.B.T. = Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump.

Well just another product and corporation to add to the boycott list! I don’t already buy products that are adverse to human health and Nabisco is high on that list, all the more not to ever buy any of their products!

It’s so very important that the rest of the country be ‘woke’ - not just to the panoply of perversion that is the LGWTF community, but that children be sexualized as quickly as possible, learn to hate authority figures, and hate the country.
When the corporations see the screwups at the outer 2% of the populace as their masters, we are in trouble as a people. I predict that if the Dems get power, compelled speech, like in Canada (at least Toronto) will come here, with every chopped or channeled nutcase suing over tiny, or false accusations of some sort of insufficient deference.