Must Everything Include LGBTQ?

I’m confused. Did Hannah start out male? Did Jake start out female? Is he wanting to become a woman?

There are seriously people who want to make James Bond transgender. What was wrong with actors like Sean Connery & Timothy Dalton playing him?

Must everything be made to include GLBTQ?

Here is another example of current anti male sentiment, although only expressed by a minority:

The actual character, as in the article, is based on Saint Nicholas, clearly a man.

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This is how it happened. This is how Bond died.


I don’t even know what that is.

I thought it was a sandwich. Great Lettuce Bacon & Tomato cut into Quarters. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mmmmm Bacon. Meat candy.

The perversion of our society has gotten out of hand, at some point people are going to demand protection against this molestation/grooming of children.

Because that is precisely what they’re doing…attempting to groom kids to their lifestyle. And they’re using entertainment/schools to get around their parents.


It has become a Rorschach Test for acronyms. Can I help it that I found a BLT in the code? :cry:

Yes, the perversion has gotten out of hand and those that want to pervert are relentless in their cause.

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In Canada we are about to get gay money.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has approved a dollar coin to celebrate the LGBT experience and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

According to CBC News, Trudeau gave his blessing to the coin on Dec. 14. The dollar coin, dubbed a “loonie” in Canada because a loon appears on one side of the coin, will be issued by the Royal Canadian Mint and be circulated throughout Canada as regular tender.

The Mint isn’t releasing any images of the new coin, nor revealing the names of the artist who rendered it, claiming it wants to “maximize the impact” when people first see it sometime next year, according to CBC.

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Eww and double ewwww. :face_vomiting:


Trudeau really is the worst. When the hell are you Canucks gonna get rid of that jackass. All he does is prance around like an idiot and ruin everything.


Celebrating pole smoking on money. I never thought I’d see the day.

How do you groom a kid towards a sexual orientation? Seeing gay people on television encourages them to be gay themselves?

Just one example: I remember as a young kid watching that old comedy show Soap, in which Billy Crystal played an openly gay man. Never once did it make me reconsider my interest in girls. Or did grooming kids to be gay not start until after the 1970s?

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Poser. Must be vying for a position in the EU.


What effect does peer pressure play in behavior for kids. Just a little or a lot?

400 people were surveyed by a logo design company, and 19% of that group of 400 thought Santa should not identify as either male or female.

I think we can unclench our pearls for the time being. :wink:

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He is running for legislative re-election. Election day is October 21, 2019. He is already campaigning, which works a little different up here, but it is pretty much the same as the US. Lots of public appearances and face time for the cameras. This whole gay money thing is a part of it. Since his government has total control he can do whatever he wants.

So peer pressure is a contributor to kids going gay?

I’m being serious here - I hear a lot about kids being “groomed” to be gay these days, but I never hear specifics on how this agenda is being carried out and/or how successfully it has turned presumably straight kids into homosexuals.

It has had an effect on this “trans” movement. Out of nowhere gender has suddenly become fluid and not related to biology.

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Okay, so this is interesting. So you’re contending that peer pressure is grooming kids to be trans, but not gay? Or both?

Peer pressure is a contributor to many behaviors that one would not exhibit on their own. That is why it has been given a name.

You don’t need to hear specifics. Child + Impressionable + Deviance = Confusion.

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Is “peer pressure” what happens in churches? Are they being “groomed” to be Christians? Inclinations to one particular faith (or even denomination within a specific faith) is not a behavior a child would exhibit on their own, after all.

Is it the grooming we find upsetting, or what they’re allegedly being groomed for that riles?

Yes. Yes it is…

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