More Winnimins Please! Massive-7.5-billion Dollars US-Award-From WTO in Airbus Subsidy Case

Wow! This is huge!

" Jumpin’ ju-ju bones – The Trump administration via U.S. Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross won a massive $7.5 billion award as an outcome of the World Trade Organization agreeing with the U.S. against the EU and Airbus subsidies. The WTO arbitrators decision is final and cannot be appealed.

This win sets the stage for President Trump to deploy $7.5 billion in countervailing duties against products from the EU. Keep in mind, a final WTO ruling means the EU cannot retaliate against any WTO-authorized countermeasures. The downstream ramifications are very significant. Think about it: at 25% the U.S. could tariff $30 billion in EU goods.

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“Whatever happened to “build the best product at the best price” as the key to success in commerce?”

(Your OP title doesn’t make any sense, by the way.)

Doest make sense? Must be that public school education you received! Oh well! My advice to you is don’t venture into subject matters you are educationally deficient in!

I detest the EU as an organization and am always happy to see them lose on an issue; however, let’s be honest here…Boeing only stays afloat thanks to the billions of dollars in cash that is constantly injected from the US military all while they sell the shittiest passenger aircraft on the market today. Airbus is superior in every way and provides cost savings to airlines thanks to the universal design of their flight deck.

I won’t argue about Boeing’s quality having gone down in recent decades due to poor business and management practices. But if we are being honest, Boeing set the standard in aviation excellence in the aggregate of its history. As far as selling the shittiest, well that is a matter of opinion and compared to what other planes currently flying? Airbus? Which had its problems as well.

Boeing has always had a history in producing planes for the Military dating back to WWII such as the B-17 and B-29, B-52, Stratosphere, B1 lancer, P-51 Mustang H-4 Hercules etc. Commercial 747, DC-3 were some of the best planes ever produced. Like it or not Boeing is not going anywhere soon, and I am sure when you yourself when flying will probably find yourself on a Boeing someday, I am sure.

Your last statement that Boeing stays afloat because of US military purchases is not accurate. Boeing is still the most widely used plane commercially in the world today, only rivaled by Airbus. Its Boeing’s ability to offer a more diverse product line for various applications is the reason they remain profitable if you want to be honest, and actually do the math.

As far as this issue is concerned, this was an unfair trade practice imposed by the EU and the WTO ruling on this was something that they got right. The point is, if Airbus is so superior to Boeing as you so proudly beat your chest over then they should be able to compete in an open and free Market on a level playing field without corporate welfare subsidies from the EU.