More wag the dog, but not amnesty, we swear!

Not a huge surprise. After all, Nancy and Chuck already made clear they’re not looking to negotiate.

Give us what we want. Without any concessions. Of course Nancy, because that’s how negotiations work. That’s how compromise works.

It’s not amnesty or a “pathway to citizenship” so no deal. It’s our way or nothing, folks. As usual.

And in other news, the SCOTUS punts again. Surprise! Best government money can buy folks. Done being distracted yet?

Think Trump is doing as much possible, expecting for his compromises to be rejected, before calling a National Emergency and just building the wall.

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Sure, but I think he’s wasting his time. He should just call it and be done already. Like I said, Pelosi and Schumer have already made it abundantly clear they have no intention of budging on this.

I believe that is exactly what he is doing.

I think he has to be shone to have no choice. I’m thinking air traffic safety concerns will set this all in motion.

I think you’re right. He’s setting the table to show that democrats have created a series of crises intentionally so that he has no choice but to declare an emergency to bring as much of it under control as he can.

What he should do politically is start raking them over the coals and coming out as the great defender of the 800,000 or so federal employees that are going on a month now with no pay.

Preaching to the choir isn’t going to get the job done. To gain the political capital he needs he’s got to start winning large numbers of converts to his cause.

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