More racist crap from BLM scum

District administrator calls for ‘privileged white voices’ to be dismissed from curriculum plans in California

Samia Shoman called for a more extreme version of a Black Lives Matter curriculum

A California district administrator involved in overseeing curriculum, Samia Shoman, called for “privileged White voices” to be removed from influencing against a far-left ethnic studies curriculum.

Shoman oversees curriculum in the San Mateo Union High School district as manager of English Learners and Academic Support Programs. The email was dated March 2021 and was obtained via public record request by Zachor Legal.

Shoman contacted the California State superintendent, Tony Thurmond, in March 2021. Shoman blasted “white voices” and said they should have no part in influencing the curriculum. What total non-sense and racist bullshit !!!

Taxpayers must demand that federal and state taxpayer money be denied from school districts who encourage racism discrimination (like is being promoted with 1619 project and CRT’s anti-whitness rhetoric). School Vouchers and parental school choice is needed to break the monopoly that is underperformed public schools, especially in poor, urban areas.

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Know the WARNING Signs of White Supremacy

Full time employment


Responsible Parenting

Signs the front of checks

Knows their father

Being on time

Doesn’t litter/Maintains tidy neighborhoods

Follows Directions

Community Pride

Possesses a valid ID

Practical degree or skill

Auto insurance

Good credit rating

Questions authority with respect

No criminal record

Pays Taxes

Supports Law Enforcement

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