đź”´ Micro Vehicles

Bicycles from CHINA

This is a very interesting and short video….With 3.7 Billion population and growing the Chinese will likely always be ahead of us, especially in matters where the invention is really a necessity….With the futuristic infrastructure they are building, by 2050 they will be the World Leader…Scary…

Umm nothing there we don’t have.

Can you post some links?

Pretty broad category, what did you see there you don’t think we can buy?




We might buy them, but they may have to come from China.

Show me some American made vehicles that collapse into suitcase size carry-ons.

Close, but no cigar.

I’ve been looking seriously at this. I would not give up my Toyota Tacoma but might make short trips in decent weather on one of these.

Or… actually… the model that carries stuff.

I have not decided if it makes sense. The battery is good for like 20 miles, which is good many trips I make. And if it does, the bike is like a 7 speed which should make pedaling easy. But the bike is heavy. Also… will I turn into a Seattle weenie if I get one of these?

I like the RadRover…it has front suspension and fat tires.

Small wheels, necessarily stiff suspensions and expansion joints.

Welcome to lower back problems.

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I recently bought a used 2015 Nissan Leaf for under 7k. It’s not a micro vehicle but it’s pretty damn small, all electric, and free to charge.

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Along the same lines I bought a 2015 Chevy Spark EV a few weeks ago. Chevy stopped making them as they were a compliance car for California. The Spark EV is a lot smaller than the Leaf, weighs about 2500 lbs, and has 400+ ft torque - think about that for a minute. It also has a supercharger so I can charge it from empty to full in under 10 mins.

I paid $8000 - 17k miles - still under warranty.

I use the car as a beater to commute back and forth from the city in. Keeps my SUV in good shape and is a lot easier to park. Like you said - free chargers are everywhere. Mainly at shopping centers.

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You check your man card in when you bought that?

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Ha! Nothing feels better than rolling up to a suped up car or truck and beating them off the line with that little roller skate…every single time. It’s all electric - instant power and 400 ft lbs of torque (that’s more than a Ferrari 458 Speciale). You mash the gas pedal and it’s gone. Always gives me a good laugh.


Please video that happening next time. I just had a great visual. lol

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…and I’ll bet it’s almost impossible to spin the tires on dry pavement.

A lot of these ideas are not from the Chinese! They are either stolen or and the inventors themselves signed up in a joint venture project with the Chinese in order to finance them.

…and you have links to back that up?

When I get a chance I will look it up, but I have seen a lot of these introduced on another video a few months ago. Also I have signed quite a few clients from Europe with the same intents so it happens all the time!

Nope - they chirp all the way up through 45/50 mph. Bone dry pavement.