Marxist DNC Debate Live Thread

CNN is sponsoring tonight’s debate — These are the only two LIVE stream available on youtube. This should make for good theatre if you have nothing better to do and need some good laughs!

Why would you post a live thread after the debate ended?

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Not sure! Perhaps my Wire was crossed! I am 12 hours ahead of you after all. Just look on the bright side, for those who missed it can now watch it! Lol!

It is being replayed right now on CNN. (currently 12:51AM EST)

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Two of the three stooges . Secret handshakes and all . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you Dr but…no thanks. I lose enough nerve endings just listening to clips of what the idiot Dem candidates say it would destroy my entire nervous system if I watched a whole debate.

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Prominent Bernie bro tweets: “Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face”