Maria Bartiromo Raises Hell with Senator Grassley

There is a lot to unpack here such as Impeachment, USMC passage, Continuing resolution to avoid a Government shutdown, trade tariff with China, and much more.

Maria Bartiromo raises hell with Senator

Great interview!

I think this used to be called…being a reporter. Very few of them actually ask tough questions anymore. Either way, she still has an agenda and that was obvious. I think we have crossed the rubicon and there is no fixing journalism at this point.

I can’t be outraged anymore because as Americans we have allowed this to happen and we continue to allow this to happen. These politicians have forgotten that they don’t rule over us, we rule over them. Until the American people decide that it’s time to remind them of that, this type of cavalier attitude will continue.

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What agenda is It that you speak of? I thought she did a great job in asking the most important questions that were direct and to the point.

Did you watch the interview? Even though I agree with most of what you are saying, the hard questions still have to be asked. The most interesting of course is the USMC and whether Nancy sets precedent in favour of impeachment. The other of course is why Lindsey Graham won’t call Schiff to testify if there is a senate trial?