Mainstream Media Hates You! Don Lemon and Guests Mock Trump Supporters as Uneducated and Illiterate

After watching this video and reading the tweet that eviscerates the parties involved, I thought it is time to create a general thread for posting stories like these to not only remind us but to also keep record for easy reference. This was Pretty shameful!

Don Lemon, Rick Wilson just can’t help themselves

Don Lemon and guests mock Trump supporters as ‘uneducated and illiterate’

Lemon gave a halfassed apology claiming he wasn’t laughing at “the people” he was only laughing at “the joke” and said he didn’t really “hear it” he was just laughing along with the other guys.

This is the exact attitude of the “elites” in party politics and media that got Trump elected in the first place.

All three need to be kicked in the face.

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Come on…I hadn’t watched this video until just now and I actually thought it was kinda funny. Lemon mainly just laughed throughout. Why does anyone care what Don Lemon thinks? We all know at this point that CNN hates us, what does it matter?

It matters because this kind of thumbing their noses as the little people is exactly what Got Trump elected and will most likely lead to his reelection as well.

They won’t be laughing in 2020. Don Lemon will cry as he has before – like back in 2016 :rofl:

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Honestly if/when Trump is reelected I think many of them are going to need a suicide prevention support group.

Anything can happen once but there’s no way they are ready for a repeat.

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Don Lemon is really going to have a bad day now that his six figure settlement offer got rejected. Here is the type of sick person pervert Lemon is:

“[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand & shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache & nose”

Let’s be honest, this is what they think of their own voters too. They think ALL voters are dumb, and they believe they can lie to leftist voters to keep them in the fold. They’ve been getting away with it for years, so why stop now?

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Because they are supposed to be a news organization…but they are just the media arm of the DNC. They also just don’t get it. We hired Trump to fix all the messes left behind by previous Administrations and Congress. Do I care if Trump calls somebody a name, swears or says something childish once in a while? No. His ACTIONS are what has lasting effect and those have been spot on. That’s exactly why he is going to be re-elected in 2020 and these soon-to-be-jobless “journalists” will be groveling and eating their words.


That is the crux of it in the bigger picture. Their arrogance on display is going to be their undoing in the end! PUKE!

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Damn! I’m not even going to ask the circumstances. Some sick folks out there.

It matters because unchallenged it will be treated as fact by Democrats and their media toadies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Coastal snobs that make up most of media despise flyover country as long as I could remember. They’re just more open about it now.


Why hasn’t that sick disgusting pervert freak been kicked off CNN yet for their beloved MeToo mantra?

Lemonhead should float in his light loafers over to the next Trump rally and start spewing this crap in the parking lot. I bet he wouldn’t be laughing then.

Some people were telling jokes and now Trump supporters are outraged? I thought all of you hated the “PC libshit snowflakes” because freedom and Amuuurica don’t be tramplin on my 1A which is why I got the 2A. Looks like it’s all of you that can’t take a joke. :snowflake:

President Trump makes a joke about shooting someone on 5th Avenue, cult following. The President sarcastically suggests the Russians might find Hillary’s emails, treason. Bloody facsimile of the President’s severed head, har, har. The President is Putin’s c holster funny, funny. But wait, the sneering insults are now directed to Trump voters. Yep, it’s all vulgarity and insults so laugh along at the slanders.

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That’s right. It’s totally fine when they make jokes and laugh. Everyone that disagrees with them just can’t take a joke and is lacking a sense of humor.

Don Lemon thought he was at ■■■ Harbor. They can call us Rubes, Rednecks and uneducated etc, but we were smarter than the Liberal Snobbish Elites and defeated HRC which still burns their ASS!!!

Because that’s what their audience loves and what their management pushed and continues to push.