Look out - here comes another one .

“A gigantic asteroid is heading our way and will arrive at Earth just before Christmas”

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/23/gigantic-asteroid-heading-way-will-arrive-earth-just-christmas-10968890/?ito=cbshare

Funny how these ‘space rocks’ are always ‘gigantic’ isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

And to think there are some adults who actually believe it?

I think it might be Santa Claus. He sometimes gets out early! :rofl::rofl:

LOL Now that I will believe!! :rofl:

No, only a small fraction of the thousands that pass nearby or through our atmosphere every year are “huge” or “massive”.

It’s just that it’s the really big one’s that were newsworthy.

216258 2006 WH1.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/23/gigantic-asteroid-heading-way-will-arrive-earth-just-christmas-10968890/?ito=cbshare?ito=cbshare

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Odds are this one won’t get within a million miles of earth at it’s closest approach.

You mean ‘fake-newsworthy’? :rofl: I can’t believe you fall for this crap, but hey, it’s your self-respect that’s on the line.

No it is yours and what little you ever had is long gone.

Asteroids, comets, and meteors are all very real and many of them are seen every year with the naked eye or with relatively low power telescopes when they pass through the atmosphere or Near Earth.

You don’t have to believe NASA or the ESA, spend a few hundred bucks on a telescope and get out to the countryside where it’s dark and watch for yourself.

I say, load up on credit cards, and bang em to the limit. The end is near; again.

I’m still laughing at all the idiots that did that in the run up to Y2K. :rofl:

No - really?? Well who’d have believed that then? (He’s spectacularly missed the point!! :roll_eyes: )

Odd of asteroid hitting the earth is like lottery to me. Once it happens, it’ll be the end of me.

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No it won’t - unless you’re unlucky enough to be standing underneath it when it lands? Asteroids are of miniscule size compared to our planet, so don’t believe all you read that one of them ‘wiped out the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth’.

You really don’t seem to understand the basic equation for “energy on impact”.

Bullets are very small too.

Mass X Velocity Squared equals energy on impact.

Most of the asteroids floating around out there are moving at around 25,000-45,000mph so it doesn’t take a very large one to have a devastating effect on a planet.