List any Problems or Shenanigans your experienced during voting today

I’ll start this thread with my experience today. EMPTY polling place - only workers there at 3:11 PM - our names not on list for our ward, but it was at another table NOT our ward. So we were given a very simple ballot…told to bring our own pen in black or Blue ink, we did but they told us Gel Pens will mess up the machine, so they offered us THEIR pens…which I recognized as gel pens as well - luckily I had a BIC pen and we both used it to vote. Then when the ballot is filled out we were instructed to take the ballot and insert it FACE UP into the scanner machine. The two ladies lingered beside me as if they wanted to see how my ballot was filled in. They kept saying “face up, face up” I told them I understood and just stared at them until they sidled away…still trying to get a peek.

Well all of that was a moot point because the ballot went through the scanner and came out the back and went to the floor…what kind of voting is this?..hardly a secret ballot!

I’m sure there is a way to delete the last scan when a misfeed occurs or some such, so what’s keeping these people from deleting tha last scan when they see a Trump ballot hit the floor? I know I’m being paranoid but that doesn’t mean my concerns are invalid.

I just reported this is PA to 1-866-OUR-VOTE _ Basically I was adamant that there was no secret ballot provision at all.

What about you guys?

PS - this is in Pittsburgh, PA

The biggest one (I presume) is that those folks who get paid to count votes in WI, MI, PA, NC and GA stopped counting and went home.

If Dems were winning, they would have said so. Don’t you think?

Im IN PA and our Governor is as blue as they get. he has implemented unprecedented exceptions to the norm. Seeing how Janky the poll-workers at our poll (a church no less) were highly suspect - including the glares we got from women picking the ballots up off of the floor after the scanner ejected them. NOT A SECRET BALLOT HERE !! They are easily Identifying the ballots for TRUMP and those fuck looks we got tell me they aren’t gonna play fair. I’ve already filed my complaint to the election board here but just got a lecture about how dedicated our poll workers are to running a clean election.

I don’t trust a Liberal these days any further than I can push them away! Smiling so-called “Christians” making those hateful faces. Burn in hell you hypocrites

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No one had any problems voting.

Americans turned out in force to elect President Joe Biden. They mailed in ballots and they waited in lines.

Democracy is the heartbeat of this nation.

We know dead people didn’t have any problems voting.

And illegals in some states

Oh yes there are some problems…I was ready to concede but things don’t look so copacetic.

No problems voting. Right.
Big problems counting.

I was ready to represent the Republican Party as one of those that would accept a fairly run election. I am seeing too much to feel like it was Legit in every state. This was 50 State elections and NOT a National Election.

At The very least, there seems to be enough circumstantial proof to justify a reasonable doubt - Courts do have to consider circumstantial evidence and make an inference. - the tally is skewed in such a way that it cannot be reconciled mathematically or through a recount. I believe there are just grounds to Re-open every single pole in a month for a legitimate election that has back-up records and systems that prevent human intervention. ( as is required)
Covid or No Covid. This was bogus from the moment I realized this was not a blind ballot and poll workers’ faces contorting when they saw your ballot was republican…no attempt to hide it either. IF that scantron was actually transmitted or if there’s an “error” button a worker can hit to reset the last entry - all I know is my ballot came out of the machine and landed on the bare floor alongside my wife’s. Like I said; the facial expression change was enough for me to know that place was full of Republican haters. NO DOUBT.

We need another election - PROPER - a RUNOFF - a Do-Over

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