Lisa Page Making her Rounds and Trying to Play the Victim in First Interview

This is truly astonishing as Lisa Page who appeared on the Rachel Madcow show to give her first interview in order to offer a spin and painting the optics of being a victim. Pretty Pathetic and smells of desperation. Its no coincidence that along with Lisa Page, Brennen, McCabe, and Comey are all making their rounds on the MSM to play the victim card, which is suggestive something is coming soon! A lot sooner than people think!

She is not a victim… she is a co conspirator. These were not private personnel messages. These should be directly linked to their intent and show her bias to then candidate Trump. What I would like to know is yesterday the FISA court came out with a rare announcement. Yet again ABC, CNN and MSNBC did not cover this srory!! I am supposed to really believe these channels have no political bias and report facts to the American people. I have a hard time believing that!!!


Well that’s just false…

Your right I ment NBC not CNN… but besides the point how is this okay, it’s not.

And that’s false…too

That was not yesterday’s Evening News… This was a big story yesterday and it was not covered.


Who the hell bothers watching C linton N ews N etwork ?

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