Liberal Mathematics

Can anyone here explain liberal claims of superiot intellect—yet they seem strangely unable to figure out first grade math? Here are some examples:

The claim of free birth control will reduce the number of abortions. Now can someone explain to me how, if someone cannot even afford prophylactics available OTC at CVS, they can afford an abortion?

The Affordable Care Act—Does anyone know how those who are struggling, yet don’t qualify for Medicaid, pay deductibles as “low” as $4,800 in Louisiana & as high as $6,000 :imp: in other states? And how such a plan is superior to providers who provide discounts to uninsured & those whose insurance doesn’t cover their services?

And, finally, the Piece de Resistance: There were many in my state of residence pushing for medicinal marijuana. I called a cannabis doctor for information.

Exam to get state medicinal marijuana license is $200 cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. State license fee is $65. None of this includes prices of products—which aren’t cheap.

So lady on phone tells me if I’m getting Medicaid, Food Stamps or TANF, they waive the state licensure fee for me.:woozy_face:

Good God, people, that’s first grade math! Is 65 < or > 200? If I’m struggling financially, which will be harder to pay? $65 or $200? Why not just cut all fees in half and the struggling patients will pay $132.50 for consult and license—exactly $2.50 more than I paid for an initial consultation with an acupuncturist?

I finally found an acupuncture/herbal clinic that’s closer to home and, even without insurance covering those treatments, the cost is considerably less then medicinal marijuana and just as effective.

Can anyone explain liberals’ strange sense of the most basic math?

Libs tend to be creative. They don"t do analysis well. But if you give them a lie, they believe it…and embellish it like it was the next big thing. Very creative.

because Bernie and AOC said so and they expect the libs to accept that, because well you know libs and leftist don’t , cant or will ever think logically.

Isn’t democratic socialism wonderful, as long as other people are paying for it and we have leprechauns and magical beans, it will pay for all their programs


If someone else is paying for it…it’s free! :rofl:

Liberalism is a mental disorder!


Tell me about it!

Walked into an idiotic conversation about :canada: the other day.

“Free health care, maple syrup on everything…”

Here’s the free health care! Looks like you get what you pay for!