Leftist FBI Arrests Army Soldier Who Allegedly Discussed Plans to Bomb Major News Network and

This sounds to me like a bunch of trumped up charges to make us on the right look crazy. They tried this same thing several months ago with that Coast Guard guy they called a terrorist and the charges were later dropped. I bet the same thing happens here.

I guess when far leftists do this it’s Ok because everyone knows they are retarded and incompetent

The real reason this moron got busted is at the bottom of the shitty biased article.

Lang has since been indicted in Arizona on one count of misuse of a passport. He and three alleged co-conspirators were indicted in the Eastern District of North Carolina on nine counts of identity theft- and fraud-related charges. And he and Zwiefelhofer were most recently indicted in the Middle District of Florida on four counts for the armed robbery that left two people dead.


They also insinuate that he’s Active Duty Army when in fact he’s a veteran and has been fighting as a merc in foreign wars for a number of years.

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Yeah the dude was definitely nuts but what the media is making a big deal out of is the lamest part of the story. He was just bullshiting on Telegram.

Yeah, such posting shouldn’t be taken serious…:roll_eyes:

If they are going to take it seriously for the right then they need to take it seriously for the left. I’m still waiting on Madonna to get arrested for threatening to blow up the White House.

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Who’s they…:man_shrugging: It’s Trump’s justice department.