Landmines Once Again!

President Trump has given the military the green light to deploy landmines where the Military deems fit reversing Obama´s ban. The military has stated that it will be using “SMART” mines which will expire automatically after a certain period of time.

The north side of our southern border should be seeded with German S Mines. A 100 yard no man’s land fenced in with signs. Enter at legal points of entry, or risk this. German Schrapnellmine (S-mine) AKA “Bouncing Betty” Anti … image

Just about any news piece about this “change” notes that it won’t really change anything.

Even the biased piece linked in the OP says this:

"It’s therefore worth noting that Trump’s soon-to-be-announced action may not change much on the battlefield, and may have been done just to remove another Obama-era restriction. "

But this is the season of hair-on-fire TDS, so enjoy your outrage. :roll_eyes: