Ladies: The Draft is Coming The Senate just voted to require young women to register for the draft

In the latest and perhaps decisive battle over the role of women in the military, Congress is embroiled in an increasingly intense debate over whether they should have to register for the draft when they turn 18.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved an expansive military policy bill that would for the first time require young women to register for the draft. The shift, while fiercely opposed by some conservative lawmakers and interest groups, had surprisingly broad support among Republican leaders and women in both parties.

The United States has not used the draft since 1973 during the Vietnam War. But the impact of such a shift, reflecting the evolving role of women in the armed services, would likely be profound.

Under the Senate bill passed on Tuesday, women turning 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, would be forced to register for Selective Service, as men must do now. Failure to register could result in the loss of various forms of federal aid, including Pell grants, a penalty that men already face. Because the policy would not apply to women who turned 18 before 2018, it would not affect current aid arrangements.

‘The fact is,’ said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, ‘every single leader in this country, both men and women, members of the military leadership, believe that it’s fair since we opened up all aspects of the military to women that they would also be registering for Selective Services.’

The Supreme Court ruled in 1981 that women did not have to register for the draft, noting that they should not face the same requirements as men because they did not participate on the front lines of combat. But since Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said in December that the Pentagon would open all combat jobs to women, military officials have told Congress that women should also sign up for the draft.

‘It’s my personal view,’ Gen. Robert B. Neller, the commandant of the Marine Corps, told the Senate Armed Services Committee in February, that with the complete lifting of the ban on women in combat roles, ‘every American who’s physically qualified should register for the draft.’

A nation now founded on the idea of equality will have to make all laws and traditions conform to that ideology. This legislation is just one example.

For better or for worse, welcome to the draft, ladies.


Can’t have your cake and eat it too feminists.

This is a sad thing for women who don’t support the feminist movement.


Well… we went from ‘Burn your bras’ to a new era of ‘Burn your Draft Cards’…

Some bras were never meant to be burnt :wink:

Yes! Glass ceiling smashed! Enjoy getting your guts blown out on the battlefield ladies! Ain’t equality grand?


If this will make Ivanka cry it won’t stand a chance of making it past the President’s desk and into law.

More confusion in the transgender community.

Maybe they can use the draft card to start the bras on fire.

Don’t forget about getting raped & tortured in captivity.

Or leaving units short due to a function men can’t experience—pregnancy.

Worthless pieces of trash approve of women being drafted.

This is what women wanted. Don’t be angry about the outcome. This could have been prevented.

That’s like saying all men want to be cheerleaders.

Feminists have done no favors to women who don’t support their movement.

On the other hand, with the way some of these kids (both male and female) are being raised these days, some attitude adjustment towards others and this great country we are blessed to live in, structure and discipline might just be what the doctor ordered.

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“Equal Treatment Under Law” in practice.

Maybe when America buries enough of it’s own daughters killed in combat we’ll rethink the idiocy of modern feminism?

Men and women are different and always will be.

Not this woman for my daughter.

We just won’t register, a sort of civil disobedience.

Your daughter will face a lot of serious consequences for not doing so if they same rules apply to them as to males.

Bold as it is for me to say this, but as woman, I agree with you.

If you are a feminist? They would disagree and drag me, a woman, down to prove worth they can never find in womanhood.

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That’s worth a thousand thumbs up.

My mom who had a box full of problems said something on the subject I’ll always remember. “As a woman I’m already on a pedestal, why would I lower myself to be equal?”

Feminism used to be a worth cause. The right to vote, the right not to be beaten and murdered by their husbands, property rights, the right to inherit, and community property laws etc.

Somewhere along the way they got lost.

Women are not the same as men, they are not our physical equals and they are emotionally hardwired differently than men, those are just simple facts but the modern feminists want to deny nature and force equality in every respect on us by changing the world to fit their agenda in spite of the facts.

As you say, God forbid a woman stand up to them, any who do will be run through the chipper/shredder and destroyed.


Hiya, Lou ((hugs))…

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I think they should have a two tier system, Feminists and Transgendered drafted

And women who are not feminists exempt from the draft.

Its not fair to the women who dont believe in the feminist equality clause, why punish them.

I say feminist join the military and if you get captured by the ISIS or whatever enemy , I wish you the best of luck.

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We completely are not the same, agreed.

That we are not physical equals is a no-brainer.

Absolutely we are hardwired much differently. And hell’s bells WR, I am not gonna give away our secret code :laughing:

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